Rapid-deployment foldable boat that enables intervention units to proceed at optimal speed with efficiency and discretion in all sea conditions.

RAFALEĀ® boats have been conceived for professionals and soldiers maneuvering in highly intensive conditions, thanks to a new deep V and a wave-piercing bow. The priority of our research department was to design boats and equipment which places emphasis on the ability to sail through rough seas at high speeds, while maintaining a high level of power, comfort and safety on board.

Foldable and semi-rigid inflatable boats dedicated to soldiers and professionals. Multi-mission units developed to withstand extreme conditions and use. Main characteristics: limited equipment in order to gain maximum space on the deck.

Top-of-the-range crafts for people who search for the best combination of safety, comfort and power in their crafts. Silverline packs include a complete equipment for multiple uses such as leisure or sport.

The effective recovery of a hydrocarbon layer requires the implementation of additional equipment: Pollutank floating tanks in CSM-Neoprene coated fabric, planned for the temporary storage of polluting effluents at sea. Capacity available 10m3 , 25m3 , 50m3 , 100m3 .