Turbojet 445

Fast coastal cruising

Comfortable seating for six adults and options which include bimini sun protection, and a useful bow dodger for wind and spray protection make the Turbojet 445 a capable day boat.

Product Description




    • Turbojet 445



      The Turbojet 445 shares many of the market leading features of the existing range but with increased capacity, more storage space and a host of innovative features and options. A new high torque jet pump and an expanded seating area enables the Turbojet 445 to carry six adults and one child in comfort. This increased thrust also delivers plenty of top end speed for waterskiing and fast coastal cruising, making the Turbojet 445 a truly versatile utility yacht tender. 

      The Turbojet 445 can also be specified to meet MCA LY2 rescue boat regulations.  

    • Outline Specification



      LOA 4.54m
      Beam 1.92m
      Seating 6 Persons
      Dry Weight 435kg
      Engine 98HP 4-stroke Weber
      Top Speed 40 Knots
      Typical Fitments Yachts 20m+



    • Powerful Engine
      A powerful and versatile Weber MPE 4-stroke engine producing 98HP is fitted to the 285. Ultra low emissions and excellent fuel economy allows for extended cruising capability, and the parallel twin configuration produces impressive torque in a smooth and unruffled manner which is ideal for tender duties.
    • High Performance
      With top speeds of up to 42 knots the Turbojets are a thrill to steer, whether pulling a waterskier or travelling at high speed across a bay they will outperform almost any comparable craft.
    • Supreme Stability & Buoyancy
      The Turbojet design places the helmsman at the stern of the craft in the most secure position for maximum control. By utilising a centrally mounted engine and an inflatable tube which is positioned close to the water, the Turbojet 285 is supremely stable whether static or running at speed. This makes for easy and comfortable passenger boarding and a safe and enjoyable ride at high speed. Inherent hull buoyancy means the tender will float even without the inflatable tube.
    • High Torque Jet Pump
      Williams purpose-made axial flow jet pumps are fitted to all Turbojet tenders. Specifically designed with a stainless steel swirl impeller to transfer engine power directly to the water. The jet pumps are not only efficient but also incredibly safe as there are no exposed moving parts. Pumps are double coated to provide excellent protection against corrosion, giving long life with minimal maintenance.
    • Highly Maneuverability
      An essential feature of any yacht tender is its ability to maneuver at both low and high speed. The Turbojet hull, control system and jet pump have been designed to enable comfortable control when approaching a yacht or maneuvering in confined areas and at high speeds, the Turbojets are firmly planted on the water, tracking straight yet able to turn quickly and precisely when required.
    • Detailed Instrumentation
      The Turbojet instrument cluster provides the helmsman with full information for effective operation of the tender. Additional options can be specified to add functions such as a depth sounder, vhf radio and chartplotter. A further option can be chosen to make the steering wheel removable at the flick of a switch, this lowers the profile of the tender for storage and also serves as an effective anti-theft device.
    • Excellent Seating Capacity
      Turbojets offer comfortable, dry and secure seating for between three and seven adults with the helmsman driving the tender from a commanding position at the stern.
    • Versatile Removable Tubes
      All Williams tenders are fitted with removable inflatable tubes. This practical feature enables the tubes to be quickly and simply replaced if necessary.



    Principle Dimensions


    • LOA: 4.54m
    • Beam: 1.92m
    • Dry Weight: 435kg


    • Overall Height: 1.11m
    • Draft: 0.23 – 0.36m
    • Maximum Speed: 40 knots
    • 98HP 4-stroke Weber
    Jet Pump
    • Turbo jet
    • Type: Petrol
    • Capacity: 56 Litres
    • 6 Persons
    Inflatable Tube
    • Hypalon
    Standard Features
    • Bathing Ladder
    • Under seat storage
    • 12v DC Socket
    • Sealed upholstered seating (removable)
    • Sports boat hull shape
    • Piped deck drains
    • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
    • Speedometer (GPS)
    • RPM Gauge with digital hour meter
    • Fuel Gauge
    • Single Lever Throttle/Shift Control
    • Plug In Navigation Lights (Port/Starboard/Running)
    • Stainless Steel Rear Handles
    • Teak Effect Bathing Platform/Footwells/Side-Steps
    • Folding Backrests
    • Forward Seat Neoprene/Fabric Grab Handles
    • Engine Flushing Attachment
    • Bow U Bolt
    • Four Lifting Pad-Eyes
    • Forward Cleat
    • Ski Eye
    • Two Rear Tie Down Points
    • Automatic Bilge Pump
    • Bilge Blower
    • Battery Isolator
    • Tube Repair Kit
    • Footpump (2 stage)
    • Owner's Manual
    • Fitted Fuel Tank (56 litres)
    • Hand-made inflatable tube with rubstrake and grab handles (6)
    • Coloured Mouldings
    • Coloured Inflatable Tube
    • Coloured Upholstery
    • Coloured Upholstery Fabric
    • Spray/Metallic Finish on Mouldings
    • Embroidered Boat Name on Helm backrest
    • Carbon Fibre Dashboard Inlay
    • Boat name on Tube
    • Garmin 100i VHF radio
    • Depth Sounder
    • LED Deck lights
    • Quick release steering wheel
    • Telescopic paddle
    • Electric Inflator
    • Battery Charger
    • Embroidered Boat Name (supply PDF)
    • Stainless steel anchor and rope (285 – 445)
    • Garmin 451s Chartplotter
    • White Chocks (445)
    • Polished Stainless Steel Chocks (445)
    • Tie Downs (385/445/)
    • Lifting Strops 445
    • Over Straps (385/445)
    • Mp3 Music System (TJ)
    • Platform Kit 445
    • Freshwater shower (DJ)
    • White Teak Inlay
    • Grey Teak Inlay
    • Underwater Lumishore Lights
    • Bridle Wire Tow Points Forward (2) (TJ)
    • Water Resistant Fabric Helm Bag 445TJ
    • MCA Compliant High Visibility Patches (3)
    • Sunbathing Pads – 445TJ
    Weather Protection
    • Bimini
    • Spray Dodger
    • Overall Cover