A smart new shape for marine displays

The new E Series Displays’ helm-friendly industrial design breaks away from box-like marine electronics and offer a clean, unobtrusive display solution that looks great on any helm. A smart new shape for marine displays, the sleek, low-profile bezel offers maximum display size with minimum footprint. The rugged and handsome design is complemented by flush, easy-press buttons and “hidden” memory card slots along the right hand side.

Product Description



    Raymarine e Series Multifunction Displays

    e12 front

    Good to look at. Highly intelligent. Loves to network.

    New e Series multifunction displays – for RIBs, sail boats, fishing and powered craft. With a touch-screen interface backed up with easy-to-use controls and a whole host of features and connectivity, new e Series displays are there for you – make them your own.

    e9 with chart view
    • Available in 4 sizes – 7", 9", 12.1" and now 15.4"
    • NEW Raymarine Viewer repeater app (for Apple iPhone 4 and above and Apple iPad 1 and 2).
    • Great connectivity – access information and music on the go and there's a handy remote control too (optional).
    • HybridTouchTM displays with dual-core processors and dedicated graphics for no-compromize performance.
    • Optional Fishfinder – For anglers looking for one machine to do it all, the new c and e Series sonar versions feature a built-in dual frequency ClearPulse sonar capable of depths down to 3,000 feet (Not available on e165 model).

    Discover the e Series options


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    Lighthouse Touchscreen x3 Brightness Remote


    Built-in Wi-Fi

    Remote Viewer

    Transform your Apple iPhone 4 (and above), or iPad 1 and 2 into a remote viewer! Using the new e and c Series displays built-in Wi-Fi and the Raymarine Viewer app you can view the entire new e and c Series displays simultaneously, thanks to video streaming capability.

    View charts, sonar, radar and thermal night vision from anywhere onboard, right in the palm of your hand.

    Connecting is easy! Just go to the Apple iTunes App store and download the free Raymarine viewer to get started.

    e9 with iPad

    Sync With Navionics Mobile

    Instantly synchronize waypoint locations, favorite fishing spots and route plans between the new e Series displays and the Navionics Mobile app. Plan your next voyage on your iPhone or iPad and then wirelessly sync your route plans using the new e s built in Wi-Fi. Just go to the Apple iTunes App store and download the Navionics Mobile app.


    iPhone 4


    Enjoy your favorite tracks direct from the helm using Bluetooth technology to remotely control the music functions on your Bluetooth phone (using AVRCP 1.2 or above), iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

    Simply connect your Bluetooth phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad to the vessel's audio system with a dock or auxiliary cable and stow it in a safe place.

    Next, pair to your device using the new e and c Series displays built-in Bluetooth technology.

    Play and pause tracks, skip forwards and backwards in your play list, all from your display. It's that simple, and no complicated accessories or expensive hubs are required.


    LightHouse™ User Interface Shows You The Way

    Designed for the way boaters think, Raymarine's exclusive LightHouse User Interface (UI), offers an incredibly easy-to-use navigation experience. LightHouse intuitively places frequently used navigation functions right at your fingertips. With LightHouse you will quickly become an expert, thanks to an easy-to-use home screen of all your new e Series apps and custom navigation pages.

    Just swipe the home screen left or right for immediate access to the entire library of new e Series capabilities.

    Swipe Raymarine e7 Multifunction Display Screens



    LightHouse takes full advantage of Raymarine HybridTouchTM technology, giving you a choice between touch screen operation or full keypad control when seas are rough.

    Create your own custom navigation pages by simply dragging and dropping the application to the desired location on the page. The new e Series displays LightHouse user interface also guides you through setup and configuration with an easy to use start up wizard.

    e12 swipe home screen


    E Series screen shots

    Extremely Fast – x3

    A powerful multitasker, the new e and c Series displays are equipped with three processors in the form of a dual core main processor and a third dedicated graphics processor.

    Enjoy stunning 3D graphics, brilliant video, and instantaneous chart redraws. This is marine processing power taken to a whole new level.


    Superior Viewing

    The new e and c Series displays are equipped with a super bright widescreen sunlight viewable screen that provides maximum visibility from every angle.

    Advanced LED backlighting offers low power consumption and delivers vibrant color and contrast.

    e12 angled with chart


    Raymarine RCU-3 remote

    Raymarine RCU-3 Remote

    Stay in command of the new e and c Series displays without letting go of the wheel.

    The optional Raymarine RCU-3 Steering Wheel Remote gives you simple access to frequently used functions while underway. Change range scales, control your music, switch between apps, and even mark your waypoint; it's all possible with the wireless Raymarine RCU-3 remote.

    You can attach the RCU-3 to the supplied lanyard and transform the RCU-3 into a convenient handheld remote control for the new e Series displays.

    Bluetooth wireless technology makes configuring the Raymarine RCU-3 remote easy and gives wireless control of the Raymarine e7 from up to 15 feet from the display.




    Raymarine e Series Displays
      e7 spec e9 specs e12 specs e165
      7" 9" 12.1" 15.4"
    Model Raymarine e7 E62354
    Raymarine e7D E62355
    Raymarine e95 E70021
    Raymarine e97 E70022
    Raymarine e125 E70023
    Raymarine e127 E70024
    Raymarine e165 E70025
    See all models and part numbers

    Charts Choice of no preloaded, European, US Coastal or Rest of World Charts
    Worldwide base map for non cartography variants. Navionics ready-to-navigate in all other variants (upgradable to Navionics Gold or Platinum Plus)
    w x d x h
    233 x 64 x 145 mm
    (9.17 x 2.52 x 5.71 in)
    290 x 64 x 173 mm
    (11.42 x 2.52 x 6.81 in)
    354 x 69 x 222 mm
    (13.94 x 2.72 x 8.74 in)
    426 x 69 x 282 mm
    (16.8 x 2.7 x 11.1 in)
      View full dimensions diagram
    Nominal Voltage 13.8 v DC 12/24 v DC
    Operating Voltage 10.2 – 15.6 v DC 10.8 – 31.2 v DC
    Power Consumption
    (at full brightness)
    10.2: 13.2W 16W maximum 36W maximum 45 W maximum
    Screen resolution
    800 x 480 pixels
    1280 x 800 pixels
    Viewing Angles 70 left/right
    70/ 50 top/bottom
    80 left/right
    80/ 60 top/bottom
    80 left/right
    70/ 70 top/bottom
    Weight e7: 1.465kg (3.23lb)
    e7D: 1.550kg (3.42lb)
    e95: 2.165kg (4.77lb)
    e97: 2.265kg (4.99lb)
    e125: 3.320kg (7.32lb)
    e127: 3.450kg (7.6lb)
    e165: 5.6kg (12.3lbs)
    Networking up to six displays plus sensors
    Mounting Options Surface mount. Trunnion mount with optional bracket.
    GPS e7/ e7D / e95 / e97 / e125 / e127:
    Built-in 50 channels; WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS. 1 second hot start;

    36 seconds upwards cold start;
    Automatic signal acquisition and almanac update;
    Operating frequency: 1575.42MHz; Geodetic Datum: WGS-84, alternatives available through Raymarine displays; Active Jamming Reduction; Ceramic Chip antenna; Accuracy: without SBAS <15m 95% of the time. With WAAS/EGNOS <5m 95% of the time.
    e165: External GPS Required
    Operation Temperature Range -25 to 55C (13 to 131F)
    Waterproofing IPX6 & IPX7 IPX6
    SeaTalkHS Ports 1 2
    SeaTalkng Ports 1
    NMEA Connectivity 2 x NMEA 0183 ports
    NMEA port 1 input and output (4800/38,400 baud).
    NMEA port 2 input only (4800/38,400 baud).
    Wireless Connectivity WiFi: 802.11 b/g;
    Bluetooth: AVRCP 2.1+EDR power class 1.5
    Video x1 BNC (female) composite video input connector (PAL/NTSC formats). x2 BNC (female) composite video input connector (PAL/NTSC formats).
    x1 VGA output (the #R70003 video accessory cable will be required, sold separately)