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Mercruiser Diesel Engine

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Diesel Drives

For every high-performing Mercury® Diesel engine, there's an equally high-performing drive. Working together to give you better performance. Whatever your boating style. Each drive is designed, built, and tested to deliver best-in-class reliability. So you can enjoy easy maintenance, low cost of ownership, and true peace of mind.

Diesel Drives

Time-tested and straight-out reliable, the Alpha One is the most popular sterndrive in the world.

Alpha One

Strong. Versatile. Reliable.

  • Available for single and twin engine applications, the Alpha One’s efficient hydrodynamic profile produces very little drag, which means better boat performance and fuel economy.

  • Features like an integrated water pump and permanently lubricated pivot points let you spend less time on maintenance and more time boating.

  • Designed for boats capable of up to 65 mph and gas engines delivering up to 300hp and diesel engines up to 150hp.

Bravo One X Diesel / Bravo One XR Diesel

Bravo One Diesel single/twin/triple applications for diesel engines up to 370 hp.

Great performance starts with heart.

  • The Bravo One Diesel family of drives delivers superior performance with best-in-class shifting.

  • Its exclusive performance torpedo design and dual water pickups allow for speeds topping the century mark, with exceptional handling at high and low speeds.

  • A trim-limit switch sets your drive angle for maximum performance every time, and a greaseable drive coupler allows for quick and easy service without removing the drive unit.


Bravo Three X Diesel / Bravo Three XR Diesel

Single/twin applications up to 65 mph for diesel engines up to 370hp.

Efficient. Maneuverable. Unbeatable.

  • The twin-prop design says it all. Whether in a single-unit or twin-unit application, the Bravo Three is an efficient drive built without compromise.

  • Perhaps it's the best-in-class shifting or its counter-rotating propeller design - enabling agile handling in reverse for precision maneuverability.

  • And the greaseable gimbal bearing makes for an easy ownership experience – allowing for service without removing the drive unit.

  • The Bravo Three XR® Diesel drive, standard on our TDI 4.2 engine, is a super-strength drive with high-performance attributes.


Bravo Two X Diesel / Bravo Two XR Diesel

Twin applications up to 55 mph for diesel engines up to 370 hp.

Handle the biggest boats with authority.

  • The unique Bravo Two Diesel drives have an unmatched ability to maximize lift and thrust without breaking a sweat for cruisers and houseboats.

  • Due to the girth of the gearcase, Bravo Two Diesel is capable of accommodating a huge 20-inch diameter prop with deeper gear ratios.

  • This allows the Bravo Two Diesel to deliver high thrust around the dock, quick planing and improved fuel economy – putting you in control.

  • Maintenance-free hinge pins allow for easy service without having to pull the boat from the water.

Alpha One
Bravo One X Diesel
Bravo Two X Diesel
Bravo Three X Diesel
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