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Mercury's classic V6 EFI technology is well recognised by those in the know in the marine industry. The powerhead design is slim 60 degrees V6 ideal for twin-rig installations. The no-nonsense engineering approach of our V6 range, delivers crisp acceleration with smooth, consistent, trouble-free performance.


The secret to our mid-range is our renowned reliability thanks to its cool running. With high volume, low pressure, floppy-vane water impellers keeping operating conditions down.


Mercury mid-range TwoStrokes feature high-volume, low-pressure, floppy-vane water impellers to help keep operating temperatures down… even in heavily silted or salty estuarine waters.


Whether you're a fisherman, a yachtie or looking to run a smaller leisure vessel - Mercury's range of portable TwoStrokes provide the power that can go anywhere and keep on going.


Mercury portable TwoStroke engines are lightweight and powerful, start easily with the modular electronic ignition and are part of the widest choice of portable power in the industry.

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