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The TurboJet 325 fits into smaller garages and on bathing platforms of most 12-16m yachts, so it's ideal for smooth trips to the quayside to grab supplies.

But it's when you fire up the BRP Rotax engine and open up the throttle that you'll truly discover why we called this iconic tender the TurboJet.


It’s designed to get you out and about with maximum fun. You'll feel your smile get bigger, as you take her from a standstill to 25mph (40kph) in four seconds, and onto a blistering top speed of 48 mph (77 kph). The Turbojet 325 can easily accommodate four adults and has space for luggage and supplies. Suddenly anything’s possible and you can start going further afield, taking short coastal jaunts.



  • Seating

    4+1 persons

  • Max. Speed

    Up to 77kph/48mph

  • Engine

    BRP Rotax ACE 900 - 90HP

  • LOA

    3.30m/10ft 9in

  • BEAM

    1.70m/5ft 7in

  • Fuel

    40 litres/11 US gal

TurboJet 325


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